About BETU

Binh Duong Economics and Technology University (BETU) was upgraded from Binh Duong College of Economics and Technology according to Decision No. 1750/QD-TTg dated September 21, 2010 of Prime Minister.

BETU carries out the mission of application-oriented training, providing a large number of highly qualified human resources to Binh Duong province and other provinces and cities across the country. From December 2021, BETU officially joined Van Lang Education Group, this is an important milestone that opens up many opportunities for learners and enhances the comprehensive development of the University.

To build the University with gradually strong development, BETU announced its mission in the " University development strategy to 2020 and vision to 2030", with the content: "A University under the Ministry of Education and Training, belonging to the national education system, providing multi-disciplinary and multi-field training, giving workers the opportunity to study from low to high levels of education; Learning goes hand in hand with practice, technical, dynamic, and creative labor meets the need of industrialization and modernization of the country, contributing to building and protecting the Fatherland."

In addition, BETU constantly strives to improve quality, the University was granted a certificate of educational institution quality accreditation according to Decision No. 156/QD-KĐCLGD on April 29, 2022 of the Education Quality Assurance Center, Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges. Next, in November 2022, the School continued to achieve quality accreditation for its two training majors: Business Administration and Accounting.

In 2022, BETU continued to undergo transformations to adapt to the goal of sustainable development strategy. The university introduced 6 new undergraduate programs, including Public Relations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Automotive Engineering Technology, English Language, Korean Language, and Restaurant Management and Food Service, bringing the total number of undergraduate programs to 14 and 2 master's programs. As of January 2023, BETU is the only higher education institution in Binh Duong province offering 3 majors: Office Administration, Public Relations, and Restaurant Management and Food Service.

In July 2022, BETU entered into a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Van Lang University (VLU). Under this agreement, numerous collaborative policies were established to provide maximum support for students, particularly those from BETU. These policies include the recognition of credits for equivalent courses between the two institutions' programs, allowing students to enroll in courses from each other's programs, implementing student exchange programs, establishing joint supervision models for students' theses and dissertations, and notably, enabling BETU students to study at VLU without incurring additional tuition fees.

With breakthroughs in management, education, and scientific research, BETU has gradually asserted its position in the Vietnamese education system and progressively integrated into the global educational landscape, marking a significant transformation since joining the Van Lang Education Group - VLG. The university has achieved proud accomplishments in educational quality assurance, standardizing training programs, attracting talents, improving the lives of workers, investing in infrastructure, promoting scientific research, international publications, practical experiences, diversifying cooperative relationships with domestic and international enterprises, contributing to enhancing the position and brand of BETU.

In 2018, BETU was honored to receive the Second-class Labor Medal from the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for outstanding achievements in education and training, contributing to the socialist construction and defense of the Fatherland. Previously, in 2010, the university was awarded the Third-class Labor Medal and numerous commendations from the People's Committee of Binh Duong Province, the Ministry of Education and Training.


* Vision
Binh Duong Economics and Technology University (BETU) aims to become a multi-disciplinary university by 2030, oriented towards practical applications, ranking among the top 3 universities in Binh Duong province.

* Mission
BETU is an educational institution that provides quality undergraduate and graduate human resources to meet the increasing demands of the labor market within and outside the province, offering the most effective costs.

* Core values
● Better Quality: BETU establishes its reputation and academic excellence by continuously improving and enhancing the quality of education provided by the university.
● Effective Education: BETU is committed to innovation and the implementation of effective educational methods in its educational activities.
● Truthful Action: BETU pledges honesty in the thoughts and actions of all members of the university community.
● Universal Service: BETU aims to provide educational services to a diverse range of learners with a lifelong learning philosophy at the most affordable prices.

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  • About BETU
    Binh Duong Economics and Technology University (BETU) was upgraded from Binh Duong College of Economics and Technology according to Decision No. 1750/QD-TTg dated September 21, 2010 of Prime Minister.
  • Education is the key to the world and passport to the future
    Welcome to Binh Duong Economics and Technology University (BETU), a member of the Van Lang Education Group. This is an innovative and creative higher education institution, focusing on training that is in line with the practical needs of society. We prioritize the development of high-quality human resources, keeping pace with the trends of the times.
  • Administrators
    Member of the Board of Directors of Binh Duong University of Economics and Technology
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