Electric Vehicle Technology Training Program


1. General Introduction

Electric vehicle technology major belongs to the Department of Automotive, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Binh Duong University of Economics and Technology. The department is responsible for organizing university training programs on electric vehicle technology and automotive engineering technology for standard, Vietnamese - Korean and International Training systems.

2. Training Program

Electric vehicle technology training program with the goal of training electric vehicle engineering engineers with all the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the requirements of scientific and technological development strategies and Technology in Vietnam... We are proud to be a training center providing high quality human resources in the electric car technology industry for Binh Duong province and other regions throughout the country.

When studying at BETU, students also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular and academic activities such as football, fashion, cuisine,... and specialized competitions such as the Car Design competition in Solidworks software self-driving car competition, student scientific research conferences, etc. These opportunities provide great opportunities for students to practice their skills and develop themselves.

3. Scientific research and business cooperation

Scientific research is one of the key tasks of the Department. To date, the department has chaired many research projects at many different levels, published in domestic and international journals. The main research areas of the department mainly focus on simulation and optimization of automotive systems.

Regarding business cooperation, the department has established partnerships with many companies in Binh Duong province and neighboring provinces such as Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai, through activities including sightseeing, seminars, internships and recruitment events with companies such as Hoa Binh Minh Group, Vi Phat Industrial Trading Company Limited, Honda Auto Binh Duong - Thuan An, Wuling Binh Duong Dealer, etc. Students have the opportunity to participate in real work environments, learn from experts and build industry relationships. This helps them have the best preparation to confidently enter the job market after graduation.


The university program specializing in Electric Vehicle Technology is built on an application orientation, in which theoretical knowledge is closely integrated with practical practice. The training period of the program is 4 years. The total number of credits for the entire course is 150 credits (excluding Physical Education and National Defense Education knowledge). Of which general education knowledge accounts for 34 credits and specialized knowledge accounts for 116 credits:

• General education knowledge: Knowledge of National Defense and Security Education 08 credits, English 12 credits, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, Skills, Critical Thinking 14 credits.

• Professional knowledge: Basic industry knowledge 28 credits, Specialized knowledge 68 credits, Elective courses 8 credits, Internship and graduation project 12 credits.

Students will visit businesses in the first semester of the first year and do a graduation internship at the company in the second semester of the fourth year, with a 9-credit graduation project. Through the graduation internship process and completing the graduation project, students will have the opportunity to be exposed to the construction and installation of real models. At the same time, with a practical internship plan at a company, students will have the opportunity to accumulate practical experience in business and develop career skills and solid orientation before graduating.

The Bachelor of Electric Vehicle Technology program is considered for admission through the following 4 methods: high school transcript, high school graduation exam results, Ho Chi Minh City National University capacity assessment exam and direct admission.

The output standards of the Electric Vehicle Technology engineer training program provide basic scientific knowledge, industry basis and specialized knowledge about electric cars, meeting application requirements. , ability to research and develop, apply knowledge to design, exploit and operate effectively in the field of electric vehicle technology.

Currently, the Department has 4 classrooms used for both teaching and scientific research purposes. Students practice with equipment appropriate to real-world applications, including:

• Automotive practice center: equipped with 2 lifts and modern workshop equipment and tools.

• Computer room: pre-installed with software that supports circuit diagram lookup such as All Data, Ondemand, GDS, Toyota Tis and Cartek diagnostic software...

• High configuration computer room: pre-installed with simulation software such as LS Dyna, Matlab - Simulink, Automotive Simulation...

• Lab room: pre-installed with design support software such as AutoCad, Solidworks, Catia... and other electrical and electronic practice equipment.

A team of experienced and knowledgeable lecturers are always dedicated to supporting and creating the best conditions for students' development.

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