Bachelor of Automotive Engineering Technology


Industry code: 7510205
Total credits: 127
Duration of training: 3.5 years
Training system: Formal – Title: Bachelor

Automotive Engineering Technology belongs to the engineering technology group. This industry especially integrates knowledge with many different fields, such as automation, electrical–electronics, mechanics, material technology, and heat-refrigeration... including specializing in manufacturing, exploiting, and automotive technical services, such as auto parts, improving and improving the efficiency of automobiles...

Output standards

- Apply knowledge of natural sciences, fundamentals, and specializations in engineering – automotive technology and propulsion equipment.
- Apply expertise in calculating, designing, testing, diagnosing, analyzing, and evaluating modern automotive systems or business and service management.

- Process building, team coordination, explanation, and reasoning to solve technical problems in cars and power devices.
- Apply expertise in designing, calculating, diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing systems to increase safety, save fuel, reduce environmental pollution, and increase automotive life.
- Synthesize professional and managerial skills to improve efficiency in automotive service activities and motivational equipment.
- Using modern tools and technologies for automotive engineering technology activities and propulsion equipment.
- Build critical thinking ability, communication skills, systematic thinking, and use of specialized English.

Level of autonomy and responsibility
- Formulate ideas for lifelong learning, training, and ideas about automotive systems and propulsion equipment.
- Develop the ability to calculate, design, simulate, and operate the components of automotive systems and internal combustion engines.
- Independently research and give solutions to technical problems arising in the process of working with cars and motorbikes.
- Ability to work independently or in groups to solve problems that arise in the working process.
- Ability to research and apply new technologies in the field of automotive engineering technology.
- Ability to manage and operate technical systems in the field of automotive engineering technology.

Job opportunities: After graduation, will have job opportunities in many different fields in the automotive and propulsion equipment industry, such as automotive design, automobile manufacturing and assembly, automotive service block, research and development center, registration station, etc. In particular, job opportunities in international and domestic enterprises are always open with attractive salaries. Graduates can work in the following positions:

- Automotive Engineer: Research, design, and develop vehicles and their components.
- Manufacturing Engineer: Oversee the production process of vehicles and ensure quality control.
- Service Technician: Diagnose and repair vehicles in dealerships and repair shops.
- Sales Consultant: Sell vehicles and provide customer service in dealerships.
- Researcher: Conduct research and development in the automotive industry.
- Quality Control Inspector: Ensure that vehicles meet quality standards.
- Technical Trainer: Train technicians and engineers on new technologies and repair procedures.
- Parts Specialist: Work in dealerships or auto parts stores to provide customers with the correct parts for their vehicles.
- Fleet Manager: Manage a fleet of vehicles for a company or organization.
- Automotive Journalist: Write about the automotive industry for magazines, websites, or other publications.

Teachers: Learners are trained by a team of lecturers and experts with practical experience in the automotive field. Ensure knowledge is authentically communicated and applied.

Modern facilities: Advanced classrooms and technological equipment, combined with modern automobile diagnostic, maintenance, and repair service workshops. The university also has specialized laboratories for students to practice and research, such as engine laboratories, electrical systems laboratories, and chassis laboratories. The library is fully equipped with documents and materials on automotive engineering technology, helping students access the latest knowledge and research trends in the field.

Automotive Engineering Technology at Binh Duong Economics and Technology University is a close combination of in-depth knowledge and industry reality.

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