Bachelor of Software Engineering


Major ID: 7480103
Total training duration: 3.5 years
Degree: Bachelor of Software Engineering

1. Introduction:
Studying Software Engineering at Binh Duong Economics and Technology University (BETU) offers students many enriching opportunities for personal and professional growth. Engaging in field trips to software companies, attending technology events, extended practical sessions, and exposure to cutting-edge computer systems are just a few avenues for students to expand their knowledge and skills. Moreover, BETU significantly emphasizes cultivating essential soft skills, including communication, presentation, and teamwork abilities, which are essential for success in the field.

2. Main Body:

Program Focus and Application: The undergraduate program in Software Engineering at BETU is distinguished by its practical, application-oriented approach. Students benefit from numerous opportunities to apply their theoretical understanding to real-world scenarios. Additionally, they can access internships and industry visits across Binh Duong province and neighboring areas, fostering invaluable hands-on experience vital for their future careers.


Required Qualities: Students must have a genuine passion for programming and a dynamic, creative, and self-directed learning ethos to excel in Software Engineering. The ability to work independently and collaboratively, alongside strong logical thinking and problem-solving skills, are indispensable attributes for success in this field.

Career Prospects: Upon graduation, Software Engineering alumni are well-equipped for various roles in the IT industry. These encompass positions such as software engineer, tester engineer, software developer, IoT programmer, and software project manager, offering diverse career pathways to pursue.

3. Facilities:

Students in the Software Engineering program benefit from access to four state-of-the-art computer laboratories, each equipped with high-performance Intel Core i7 12th generation processors and 16GB of memory, providing an optimal learning environment conducive to practical skill development.

4. Faculty Excellence:

Besides its highly qualified faculty members, BETU has lecturer graduates from prestigious American, French, and Japanese universities. As part of its commitment to faculty development, the university regularly organizes training workshops to enhance the quality of its teaching since it joined Van Lang Education Group in 2022. Students receive high-quality instruction through the active recruitment of top-tier lecturers.

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