• Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures
    Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures, was established in 2022, offers 2 training programs: Korean Language Program and English Language Program . The Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures’ teaching staff consists of qualified lecturers who have obtained PhD and Master degrees from the prestigious domestic and international universities.
  • The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
    The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy is integral to the Binh Duong Economics and Technology University (BETU). Originally established as the Faculty of Pharmacy by Decision No. 02/QĐ-ĐHKTKT-HĐQT on April 12, 2014, it underwent further development and transformation into the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy as per Decision No. 135/QĐ- ĐHKTKT on July 26, 2019. This evolution underscores its commitment to catering to the educational needs of its students and the demands of the society it serves.
  • Faculty of Accounting - Finance - Banking
    Faculty of Accounting - Finance - Banking (FAFB) operates under the supervision of Pham Tuan Anh, Ph.D., who serves as the vice dean. Further details about the faculty can be found on its official website at
  • Faculty of General
    The General Faculty is the academic unit of the university, directly under the supervision of the President. Its function is to assist the President in developing the Faculty's academic strategy; managing and supervising the specialized activities of the departments under the Faculty. The General Faculty advises the President on the supplementation and updating of syllabus, curriculum, textbooks, materials, and facilities to support teaching.
  • Faculty of Engineering - Technology
    Faculty of Engineering - Technology is overseen by a dynamic team of young, dedicated lecturers who have received training from prestigious foreign institutions such as Ritsumeikan University, INSA Lyon, Brown University, Osaka University, Hosei University, Keio University, Kookmin University, Université de Tours, and Université de Bordeaux.
  • Faculty of Management
    Established in 2009, after more than 14 years of development, the Faculty of Management (FOM) has developed rapidly in many aspects such as constantly expanding training majors, training levels and quality assurance. Graduates can quickly meet social needs.