Bachelor of Restaurant Management and Gastronomy


1. Introduction: The Bachelor of Restaurant Management and Gastronomy program at Binh Duong Economics and Technology University offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to prepare students for diverse career opportunities in the hospitality industry.

2. Program Duration and Degree:
Major Code: 7810202
Training Time: 3.5 years
Degree: Bachelor of Restaurant Management and Gastronomy

3. Admission Subject Combinations:

A00: Math – Physics – Chemistry
A01: Math – Physics – English
C00: Literature – History – Geography
D01: Literature – Math – English

4. Interesting Aspects of Studying Restaurant Management and Gastronomy:

Students enrolled in this program are exposed to a dynamic learning environment that fosters multicultural understanding and practical experience. Key highlights include:

· Immersive learning and internship opportunities with leading hotel and restaurant corporations locally and internationally.

· Exploration of global culinary cultures to innovate new dishes and beverages in line with evolving culinary trends.

· Access to modern facilities and equipment meeting international standards.

· Networking opportunities with industry professionals, facilitating pre- and post-graduation internships and employment prospects.

5. Qualities Needed for Success:

To excel in Restaurant Management and Gastronomy, students are encouraged to cultivate the following qualities:

· Strong observational skills to understand customer behavior and handle challenging situations effectively.

· Passion, enthusiasm, and perseverance in their work.

· Proficiency in foreign languages, particularly English, to communicate effectively with international clientele.

· Effective communication and conflict resolution skills essential for professional success.

· Emotional intelligence and adaptability to maintain professionalism and hospitality in various work settings.

6. Highlights of the Program:

The Bachelor of Restaurant Management and Gastronomy program at Binh Duong Economics and Technology University emphasizes the following:

· Enhanced focus on foreign language proficiency through increased English course credits and specialized English for hospitality.

· Development of management skills aligned with industry 4.0 trends.

· In-depth professional training in restaurant operations, culinary arts, and food management using state-of-the-art software applications.

· Cultivation of critical thinking, evaluation, and analytical skills.

· Integration of high-demand knowledge areas such as Event Management, Food Processing Techniques, and Menu Construction Methods.

7. Curriculum Overview: The program is structured to provide students with:


· Understanding of political theory, law, economics, and business administration.

· Specialized knowledge in restaurant operations and food service management.

· Proficiency in restaurant and food service industry standards, including foreign language competency.


· Practical training in restaurant service operations, food processing techniques, and customer service.

· Soft skills development including communication, event organization, and information technology proficiency.


· Emphasis on fostering positive attitudes, moral values, and adaptability to the professional environment.

· Encouragement of continuous learning, self-confidence, and creativity.

8. Career Opportunities:

Upon graduation, students are well-equipped for various roles, including:

· Managers or specialists in culinary, kitchen, banquet, conference, human resources, finance, and marketing departments in restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

· Executive positions in research and food service businesses across Vietnam.

9. Contact Information:

For further inquiries, please contact:
Department Head: MSc. Nguyen Kieu Oanh
Deputy Head of Faculty: Dr. Nguyen Tuong Dung
Faculty Office: Faculty Block, Ground Floor – 333 Thuan Giao 16, Thuan Giao Ward, City. Thuan An, Binh Duong Province.
Phone: 0287.105.7989

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