Bachelor of Finance - Banking


1. The general introduction of the educational program

Educational Program Name: Bachelor of Finance - Banking
Degree Type: Bachelor
Program: Finance - Banking
Program Code: 7340201
Training Format: Full-time
Duration: 3.5 years
Total Credits: 130 (excluding physical education and defense education courses)

2. Objectives

2a. General Objective
The overarching goal of the Bachelor's Program in Finance - Banking is to nurture a cohort of students adept in political acumen, imbued with ethical values, and equipped with the skills of self-directed learning and creativity. These graduates are envisioned to possess a comprehensive understanding of economics and to synthesize nuanced insights into the domain of finance and banking. They are primed to analyze business dynamics, propose informed strategies to organizational boards, and demonstrate proficiency in foreign languages and basic computer literacy. Moreover, they are expected to seamlessly integrate into diverse professional spheres, spanning corporate entities, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

In addition to knowledge dissemination, this educational program places a premium on augmenting practical competencies, ensuring graduates seamlessly transition into the professional realm.

2b. Specific Objectives

The Bachelor's Program in Finance - Banking imparts learners with a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills, including but not limited to:

· Familiarizing students with foundational principles across economics, politics, natural sciences, societal dynamics, and legal frameworks to address multifaceted challenges in business operations.

· Equipping learners with insights into information technology and financial technologies, crucial in navigating contemporary business landscapes.

· Delving into both fundamental and advanced concepts in economics, business administration, accounting, finance, investment, and insurance, pivotal for informed decision-making within corporate settings.

· Cultivating teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving proficiencies adaptable to varied professional scenarios.

· Furnishing students with technological prowess and specialized techniques in finance and banking to tackle job-specific tasks proficiently.

· Cultivating effective communication strategies tailored for diverse, multicultural environments, with English proficiency emphasized as a potent tool for international engagement.

· Instilling a sense of ethical responsibility, legal compliance, and civic engagement, underpinning the fabric of professional conduct and community contribution.

· Facilitating self-directed learning trajectories, empowering learners to discern career pathways and embrace lifelong learning endeavors.

3. Program Structure

Block Accumulated credits Proportion (%)
1. General Education 40 31%
2. Professional Education 90 69%
2.1 Fundamental Knowledge 26 20%
2.2 Core Knowledge 20 15%
2.3 Major Knowledge 32 25%
2.4 Internship and Thesis 12 9%
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