Bachelor of Electronic Commerce


Major code: 7340122
Training time: 3.5 years
Degree: Bachelor of Electronic Commerce

Admission subject combination:
- A00: Math – Physics – Chemistry
- A01: Math – Physics – English
- C00: Literature – History – Geography
- D01: Literature – Math – English


The E-commerce major is the intersection between business and information technology. E-commerce students are equipped with the following knowledge block:

- Develop creative thinking, business orientation, and start-up ideas

- Be able to self-develop e-commerce business ideas on website and mobile device platforms (IOS, Android)

- Online marketing, content marketing on Facebook, Google, Youtube platforms.

- Order management, sales, business administration, human resources,...

- System development and customer and supplier care.


Studying E-commerce is a smart choice for those who love technology, like business and are ready to "explode" with countless creative ideas. Therefore, the E-commerce industry requires learners to have the following qualities:

- Be interested in business and technology;

- Connect and maximize capacity when working in groups;

- Have good presentation, communication and negotiation skills;

- Work scientifically and manage time effectively;

- Have thinking and creative skills, quickly analyze and solve situations that arise in business practice;

- Foreign language ability to meet social communication and handle professional problems;

- Resist pressure well, like to challenge yourself in a competitive environment;

- Diligent, hard-working and persistent with work…


The bachelor's degree program in Electronic Commerce equips learners :


- Effectively apply knowledge of politics, law, environment, national security and defense, natural sciences, and social sciences to analyze and solve socio-economic problems, and especially in the field of e-commerce.

- Have enough specialized knowledge to analyze, forecast, evaluate, plan and implement work in the field of e-commerce in an organization or business..


- Carry out professional operations in the field of e-commerce such as building and implementing e-business plans, conducting e-commerce activities and transactions, and managing e-commerce websites, use and exploit popular e-commerce applications in businesses...

- Have skills in searching, exploiting, synthesizing, analyzing and evaluating data and business information in solving business problems in general and e-commerce in particular.

- Practice well general soft skills such as problem solving skills, leadership skills, starting a business, creating jobs for yourself and others, critical thinking skills and important soft skills of the commercial industry electronics such as the ability to understand and grasp customer psychology...

- Proficient in using English and IT according to regulations: Graduates' IT proficiency must meet the standard of basic IT proficiency skills according to Circular 03/2014/TT-BTTTT. Students' foreign language proficiency reaches level 3/6 according to the 6-level foreign language competency framework for Vietnam according to Circular 01/2014/TT-BGDDT or equivalent.


- Ability to work independently or in a team in changing working conditions, take personal and group responsibility, and know how to guide and supervise others in performing defined tasks.

- Capable of lifelong learning, self-direction, drawing professional conclusions and being able to defend personal opinions. Know how to plan, coordinate, manage resources, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of activities.


After graduation, a Bachelor of Electronic Commerce can work in domestic and international businesses in the following positions:

- Online business specialist: applying e-commerce to online business, increasing business capabilities.

- Consultant: Planning policies for developing e-commerce systems, building and maintaining e-commerce projects, e-commerce business management strategies.

- E-commerce specialist: building e-commerce transaction systems, online business at agencies and businesses (administration, banking, telecommunications, aviation, construction...).

- Teaching and training: Teaching staff to research and apply E-commerce.

- Entrepreneurial start-up: building a business plan to turn ideas into reality...

In charge of the Department: MSc. Nguyen Kieu Oanh
Deputy Head of the Faculty: Dr. Nguyen Tuong Dung
Faculty Office: Faculty Block, Ground Floor – 333 Thuan Giao 16, Thuan Giao Ward, City. Thuan An, Binh Duong Province.
Phone: 0287.105.7989

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